Sold me service that is not even in my area--Grrrr

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Sold me service that is not even in my area--Grrrr

Postby Moreta » Tue Oct 11, 2011 10:52 am

My experience with Clear is the worst of any I have ever had with any company for internet or phone or any type of service.

I got my equipment in the two days like they promised, Set it up two days later, called them when I got no signal and they told me "oops sorry we are not really in your area". They told me they sold it to me in error and do not have it quite ready yet but will soon. So....I was told they would refund my entire 51.20 and put my account on hold for 6 months and "we could see where we were then". Well I thought that sounded a bit strange but as long as they sent my money back, I did not care at the time.

They gave me about 2/3 of the money and I had to call and explain the entire situation again and tell them I expected the rest of the money back asap. After a few days the rest showed up in my account.

Now for the past two weeks or so, we have been getting those dreaded recorded calls from an 866 number from Clear and I ignored them until today. The message said I owed money and would be reported if it was not paid soon, not happy I pressed the right buttons and got thru to someone, told them the story, who passed me to someone, started to tell them, they had connection problems supposedly, after of course they had my phone number, we got disconnected....and of course they did NOT call

I had to call back and start over again, after a long story, I told the girl it better be taken care of and quickly, she had me on hold twice and had to file something to get the bogus $210 something (early cancellation fee of some kind) taken off the non-existent closed account. She gave me a reference number and said the calls should stop in a few days.

Well they better stop. I did receive a return label a few days ago and will get the equipment sent back, I am not going to wait another few months and let them try to charge me for the equipment too.

I will NOT ever do business with them again. I have wasted enough time and energy the last few months just trying to get my own money back from someone who sold me something they did not have. I am not happy at all. When I asked Angie, this last person I spoke with, if they had a record of all my calls with notes that they could read to see what was going on, I got a silent pause. I guess a company that sells technology service cannot provide it for themselves...pretty sad.

I just hope my phone does not ring and I see their number again, I really do not like being harassed. At this point I am calling it harassment and feel like reporting as such. I am on disability and have a constant headache. The phone ringing can be very annoying and they are not helping my health at all.

Anyway this has been my most pleasant experience with CLEAR, just thought I would share it with whoever would like to know.

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