Ok, leaving clear, but do not want to pay ETF

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Ok, leaving clear, but do not want to pay ETF

Postby Josh378 » Wed Oct 13, 2010 9:40 am

Ok, I've been with clear since October 2009. Never had a problem with them, and enjoyed their 6.0 mbps internet connection. I leased a modem from the for $5 extra (this is now looking like a bad idea). And I asked for a 1 year contract. They said ok and set me up for a 1 year commitment with $120 to cancel at anytime.

This is partially my fault, I should have looked at the email they sent me. They signed me to a 2 year commitment, misspelled my name on the account and told me they can change their TOS anytime they want to. So now I'm thinking that I am off the contract, I call them because they were "throttling" my internet connection (and now I'm going with Comcast...no contract) and that I'm leaving them. They tell me that I'm in a two year commitment, so I would have to pay the cancellation fees and restocking fee, which would come out to $220. I told them I refused to pay that amount since we agreed over the phone for a 1 year and that it would decrease over time per month by $5. The point you changed your TOS and AUP without notifying me first, is against the law (which mean I could decline and cancel my account without paying the fee). Their answer is "too bad too sad".

At this point now, I'm frustrated, angry and annoyed. I'm trying to find a way out of this disaster of a company. And I'm definitely not paying $220. I already complained to the FCC, and now I'm deciding if I should just remove my credit card and not pay them a thing. And if they attack my credit, I will report to the ATT general and my lawyer. But right now, Comcast tech is coming by tomorrow and installing my cable modem for $30 per month for 12 months (no contract). So, goodbye clear.
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