Cancel unClear and GO FIBER

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Cancel unClear and GO FIBER

Postby FiberOpticsRock » Sat May 19, 2012 11:19 am

After hearing nothing but horror stories regarding the nightmare that is Clear/ClearWire, I decided to go with FIBER Optic service. The best deals are from CenturyLink but DO NOT order from a 3rd party provider --- or even CenturyLink's website or links to it. The best deals will always be at a local CenturyLink Store. If you live in Verizon FIOS area, that will be your best choice but if you live elsewhere find a CenturyLink store and go there for personal service and face-to-face contact. They even sell DirecTV for less than DirecTV does.

But with Fiber Optics I now get 20 meg UPLOAD speeds, faster than any cable or wifi download speeds offered by most companies
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