I upgraded & bought modem...big mistake

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I upgraded & bought modem...big mistake

Postby DogFather » Thu Mar 08, 2012 1:22 pm

My service now just costs more. I still have very slow Ping times and trouble with using some web sites. Suggestions on what to do about this? Reps at Clear just reboot modem and
claim that's the fix. Then seem to play dumb about a real problem.

This idea, of hiring workers with less than real good English skills, we are supposed to feel sorry for, is getting to me. Clear is not the only company doing it. To me it's a ploy to get
us to accept poor service.....well anyway. What's the best thing to do about a fake upgrade?

I would like to back to basic service. AT & T and Comcast are not much better. They keep increasing the cost, without giving anything in return. So, basic service seems to be my
best option.
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Re: I upgraded & bought modem...big mistake

Postby LuckyCharm » Thu Apr 12, 2012 12:24 am

Well, here's what I finally did -- I bought a T-Mobile smartphone with only 500 min/mo talk time but unlimited talk time while on Wi-Fi, so I bought a Wi-Fi hotspot too. That way, I can use it with my laptop, tablet, or whatever I want. Then I bought a $30 USB Wi-Fi stick for my desktop, and that's what I'm using to create this post. And overall, my monthly charges will be less than what I was paying with Clear, and the speed and reliability are just fine for what I do (no online gaming, movie watching, etc.).

Best of all, they can't harass me with robo-calls, BECAUSE NOBODY CAN GET THROUGH ON MY LAND LINE! LOL! That's the whole reason I cancelled in the first place, and even if they fixed it now, it's disconnected. I'm using my cell phone exclusively, and they don't have that number. *snicker*

Hee hee, ha ha, wish I had done this 3 weeks ago instead of having people wonder why I just wasn't returning their calls....

Good luck,

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